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Welcome to Monetize Domains. A website of APONDOS CORPORATION Group.We provide you with turnkey websites that earn revenues from google adsense. Why park your domains and allow the big companies to make money from them, when you can yourself, easily and immediately?

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We bring life to your domains

content is king. Millions of web users search daily for fresh, relevant content, and now your previously unused domain names can provide exactly that. Monetize Domains provides the following benefits that domain parking cannot even touch: Search engines follow, index and rank web sites with real, keyword rich content. While domain parking is useless and will not rank on search engines, your Monetize Domains web sites are packed with quality, themed content. Plus, we have professionally optimized your web site for search engines so you get more traffic, which means more money for you.

A very good example is The owner of this site reservated and parked the domain for a while. Than he got the idea to take the domain online, installed an selve-running application and after a while the site is on Google page ranked with 4 or 5 and produces some thousand of adsense dollars each month. More than than taht the site has a value of some hundreds of thousand dolars today.

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Why Domain Parking is no good:

A page full of unrelated links to numerous categories works well for major web portals, but not for your undeveloped domain name. Even if you earn a percentage of the advertising revenue on your parked domains, you'll find that users see your parked page and quickly leave, to never return again.

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